lunedì 28 novembre 2022

Shoe Design: shoe upper creation, shoe last creation and more


Our main goal at  is to have new ideas to find design solutions for our clients.


Creating shoes, bags and accessories is an art fact, therefore  our passion for fashion drives us towards the best results in terms of quality.

The combination of marketing, fashion and design researches, plus creativity and perfect tech knowledge let us produce high end, luxury and even extreme luxury shoe, bag and accessories designs.


To satisfy our clients is the  mission we have, that's why secrecy regarding our clients,  our clients'projects and strategies  is a built-in practice that is always observed by Italian Shoe Design. 

Have a view on shoe upper creation, on shoe last design, on shoe last development

We can help you with the best solutions in terms of design and fit, for beautiful shoes need to fit perfectly  to the feet to be sold.

We can provide, on request, the prototypes development, for the prototype step is the most important step in shoe collection production. It is the moment of testing, amendments and fine tuning.

martedì 15 novembre 2022

Sostenibilità calzaturiera: eco-design


La sostenibilità è molto importante nell'eco-design: gli aspetti ambientali vanno considerati in ogni  passaggio dello sviluppo del prodotto e nel suo ciclo di vita.


L'eco-innovation è la chiave per avere vantaggi competitivi nel mercato calzaturiero.


Dalla scelta dei materiali sostenibili, al vero design ecologico per calzature, noi troviamo e forniamo soluzioni innovative di design per le vostre collezioni. 


La stategia UE per la moda e le calzature è il nostro faro e bussola.


Per maggiori informazioni sugli strumenti sostenibili e sulle metodologie di design, inviate una mail cliccando qui.

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Sustainability in shoes: eco-design


Sustainability is very important in eco-design: enviromental aspects have to be considered in every stage of the product life development and cycle.


Eco-innovation is the key to get competitive advantages in the shoe market.


From sustainable materials choice to real eco-friendly shoe design, we provide innovative design solutions to your collections.


The EU sustainable strategy for fashion and shoes is our compass.


Find more on the sustainable tools and design methodologies  sending a mail by clicking here

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mercoledì 2 novembre 2022

Do you want to sell lots of shoes? so the secret is...

Do you want to sell lots of shoes? 
The secret is: DESIGN.
One word tells it all. But underneath it there is an iceberg of experiences, of studies and of passionate love for the job.
Fashion is the compass that guides us.
To find the best innovative and fashionable solutions for your upcoming collections means to have visions, solutions and, of course, aesthetics! 
At we sell services to let you boost your sellings.

Just drop us a mail ( and a little brief, we will get back soon to you.

Tell us what you need and we'll find a solution: it will be designed in Italy, it can be made in Italy (if you need production too) or it can be pre-produced in Italy (prototypes and final samples) or it can be made elsewhere.

Do you want to produce sustainable shoes?

Do you need a designer for vegan shoes?

Do you need patterns?
Send us a mail!

Have a look at our services 

martedì 25 ottobre 2022

Footwear design services

Our fashion footwear design services go from new  last design
to new upper design

But the most important step before starting each new project is called research:

from trend to materials, the research is the very first thing to do and it is bespoke based on the clients' necessities and goals.

The rich fruits of research are showed and organized in a moodboard: a very useful tool to guide the inspiration and the design.

More info here:

Shoe Design: shoe upper creation, shoe last creation and more

  Our main goal at  is to have new ideas to find design solutions for our clients.   Creating shoes, bags and acce...