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"Italian Design will let you sell millions of shoes" is my motto.
I am an Italian shoe designer having almost 15years of experience in fashion. As a freelance designer, I create my valuable collections on these three steps:

1. The Idea

2. The Research

3. The Originality

so check out my new shoe lines and give a glance to the way I work.

If you are in need of new ideas for your next shoe collection, do not hesitate to ask me, contact me at annapaolap@footweardesigner.it


my job consists in designing shoe collections, following the company's needs.

Due to my experience in the shoe design, I am suitable to create female, male and kids shoe collections of great innovation and sure impact on the market.

To create a footwear collection I start from knowing your company's needs, then I create trend research pages to focus better on your product and target client.

After that important step, I begin sketching the new lasts, heels and soles, if needed. On the new lasts (or the ones each company wants to use) I design the uppers and create colour and material charts following the trend of the season.